online bloom

Welcome to our online bloom bouquet storefront: where beauty meets convenience!

Greeting! You have reached the section of the online storefront. Every day we collect fresh bouquets for the showcase. Where can you see bouquets that are currently available? In ourINSTAGRAM (story and highlights showcase)

IF EMPTY! If the products are not placed in this section, most likely, we simply do not have time to place them on the site, write to us and we will quickly send you photos of ready-made bouquets and compositions) And we always have a discount of -15% on ready-made bouquets, because this reduces the time spent on order acceptance and coordination)

We carefully select fresh flowers on the day of their delivery and order rare types of flowers in advance so that they end up in your bouquets

Each stem is perfectly cut with a sharp clerical knife under water so as not to damage the delicate drinking vessels of the flower. And let the procedure of assembling a bouquet be a little longer, so that each flower can drink and eat for as long as possible. The stability of the bouquet, neat assembly and perfect combinations of colors are what we pay special attention to

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