kak dolgo derjit folga ili lateks ping

The retention time of helium in latex and foil balloons can vary significantly depending on several factors. For a better understanding, let’s look at what it depends on

  • Latex Balloons: Typically, latex balloons filled with helium have a limited flight time, which varies from approximately 12 to 48 hours. This is due to the fact that latex, the material from which such balloons are made, is porous, and helium gradually penetrates through the walls of the balloon (we would also like to note that latex balloons with confetti have a flight time of 12 hours). However, some manufacturers offer specially treated latex balloons with an additive gels that can retain their shape and flight longer, up to several days.
  • Foil Balloons: Unlike latex balloons, foil balloons can usually hold helium for a long time. They are made from a material that is less porous and more resistant to the penetration of gases, which allows them to stay in the air for several days or even weeks.
  • Larger Balloons: Generally, larger balloons can hold helium longer compared to smaller ones. This is because larger balloons have a smaller surface-to-volume ratio, reducing the likelihood of helium leakage.
  • Temperature and Humidity: Extreme conditions such as high temperature or humidity can affect flight time as they can increase the permeability of the balloon material or affect the volume of helium inside.

It is important to note that in cold or warm conditions, atmospheric pressure, altitude and other factors, the flight time of the balloons may vary. The physical properties of helium also affect its ability to hold air in a balloon.

If flight duration is important, it is recommended to check with the seller for information about the specific characteristics of the balloons, and also take into account the operating conditions.

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